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Fixreal is elated to present your one-stop for Renovation Solutions with ultimate Quality Work, unique specialized renovation and remodeling with designing the layout to bring out your imaginative dream house into reality, and also we are extremely Budget-friendly just right including full section, development and set up. Without paying more than what you are anticipating or more than what we will quote. Fixreal provides 360 DEGREE RENOVATION solutions starting from a small home-fix project or a house/villa project for remodeling, refurbishing that asks for a design consultation and paying undivided attention to every detail, need, and want. We provide it all with 360 degrees of modernizing your house according to the latest updated standards.

Why FixReal?

It is always a reasonable move to appoint an Interior designer for creating the dream home for you. At fixreal, you get not just the design layout, but complete services of execution of your dream home design with a lifetime limited warranty. The needs, practical or virtual, with logical understanding our best set team of technicians and interior designers guide you via the same. We have one of the most affordable teams for the combination of adequate execution and layout which will fall completely under your budget. Our services are maintenance-free, and we do not just acknowledge the technical execution of your space but rather strive towards the home building with the hands of passions and emotions to make your dream house exist in reality.

Our FixReal Support Team

You can easily skip the hustle of planning to hire a contractor for the refurbishing of your floor or house who usually just outsource the work to other subcontractors in the loop. Our team at Fixreal is here to give support through the entire process and consultation for your deliberate renovations.

Appropriate & Customize Designing

Here, you will get the pertinent and actual virtual reality of your in-home design with our exterior and interior system with interior designers. You will get drawings that cover up every detail of the work required to be done and approved by your desires before starting with the renovation within your renovation budget process by providing you with the most gorgeous designer living and bedroom, fancy bath space, modular kitchen, fancy bath space, furniture and wooden work with durable finish including all the materials and beautiful customization as required. You can get all your interiors provided before you decide to move into your own renovated house. That includes a modular kitchen, new wardrobes, cabinet designs, False Ceiling, Flooring, Wall Decor, and all else that's required.

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We offer complete kitchen, bathroom, window and wardrobe renovations to transform into a smart and modular zone. We provide quality materials and appliances for durable and best finish.
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